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PRESS RELEASE - Paradigm Information Services Announces Partnership with Boise State University’s Ga

San Diego, CA—Feb. 28, 2020—Paradigm Information Services, a leading technical staffing agency, today announced that it has partnered with the Boise State Games, Interactive Media, and Mobile technologies (GIMM) program.

Through this strategic partnership, Paradigm and GIMM will create additional career opportunities for students involved in this innovative program by providing access to job placement services and review tools meant to increase the chances of finding work post-graduation. GIMM students can now take advantage of the services provided by Paradigm to gain a head start on their journey towards innovative careers in the technology sector.

“We are excited to partner with the Boise State Games, Interactive Media and Mobile development program,” said Richard Scheiner, CEO of Paradigm Information Services. “It’s clear that these students are going to be pushing technology further with the knowledge they gain from this unique and specialized program offered by Boise State. We want to ensure that they have access to the industries and companies where they can make the biggest impact and Paradigm has the tools and expertise to make that happen.”

“We are excited about this effort and the potential benefit it offers our students” Anthony Ellertson, GIMM Director.

About Paradigm Information Services Paradigm is a staffing solutions firm dedicated to finding the perfect job for candidates. Connected with some of the most innovative tech companies around, Paradigm gives employees a competitive edge needed in today’s job market. We make career goals happen. Our objective is to give candidates useful professional advice that instills confidence as they navigate the complexities of the working world.

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About GIMM The Games, Interactive Media & Mobile technologies program prepares students to create the experiences that manage the technology in our work and personal lives. Routinely professionals interact with online tutorials, websites, tablets, smart phones, and video streaming. The GIMM major provides students with the skills to execute work in all of these areas. GIMM students will graduate with the knowledge to produce and manage innovative hardware and software experiences for the front-end user. GIMM students design and build mobile applications, virtual and augmented reality learning environments, and new devices within the Internet of Things. GIMM has already received national recognition for its work through the WOW award from WCET and actively seeks partnerships with businesses locally, nationally, and internationally.

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