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A Guide to Reinventing Your Career in 2020

Reinvent your career with these tips

The holiday season has already come to a close and now’s the time to act on all of those new year's resolutions that you created for yourself! Many are likely planning some small, beneficial changes—go to the gym, eat healthier, etc. Others are taking a more drastic approach, using this opportunity to reexamine their relationship with their career.

So, whether you’re looking for your next dream job or you have set a goal in your current career, here are some steps you need to conquer your resolution.

Build Your Network There’s no doubt that building your professional network is beneficial for your career. In 2020, aim to establish more strong, professional relationships. Do your research on networking events within your industry and mark them on your calendar. Also, remember it’s just as important to build your professional network online. Grow your connections and stay in touch with your professional contacts. For more tips on expanding your network, check out our previous blog post here.

Keep a Positive Attitude Having a positive attitude about your work is important in growing your career. In 2020, establish purpose in your work and keep a positive attitude. Don’t let the frustration of mistakes and failures change your outlook, rather, use them as learning opportunities to help improve your career. Also, make sure you work hard, but don’t wear yourself out. Carve out time for friends and family. And don’t forget to take your vacation days!

Strive For Progress Rather Than Perfection This year, try to frame your goal in terms of the knowledge you will acquire along the way, people you will meet, and experiences you will gather. In other words, set your expectations so that you can reach your goal. Incremental movement is fine, as long as it is moving you forward.

For example, let's say you want to be promoted this year. On your path towards that goal, you can choose to volunteer for projects, take charge of specific client relationships, or begin to play a more active role in coaching and mentoring the people around you. If you do those things consistently during the year, you will learn new skills, meet new people, and build deeper relationships which can all be considered wins for your career. The promotion can be seen as just an extra bonus.

Volunteer This goal may not seem career-related but volunteering at community events is a great way to meet new people and, in-turn, grow your network. Being a part of a community and giving back will help you in all aspects of your personal and professional life.

Be a Great Communicator Want to be better received at your job? Be a great communicator. That means returning emails and calls promptly, letting co-workers know what you’re up to, and asking people how they’re progressing on their own projects. Talk to people; give them a heads up when you’ll be unavailable so they’re not left hanging. And when someone helps you out, be sure to thank them.

Be Part of the Team Getting along with your co-workers can improve your job performance, especially on group projects. To be a good team player, give co-workers credit when it’s due, engage with your peers outside of work to build rapport, and provide fellow employees with emotional support during hard times.

Stretch Your Role The last thing you want to do at your job is to clock in and clock out without pushing yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and take on new responsibilities to gain the experience you need to climb the ranks. Showing that kind of initiative will also make you more valuable to your employer. Come up with your own ideas and work with your manager to implement them.

Hold Yourself Accountable It’s easy to set goals for yourself. However, the hard part is following through with them. If you’re looking to make the career-boosting changes like the ones on this list, you need to hold yourself accountable. Write your goals down and keep them on your desk. On those days that you need the extra push, look back at what you wrote to help you stay on track.

No matter what your track record with New Year's resolutions is, remember that you can create a different outcome by making a commitment to the goal that matters. We hope you will use this list to create a framework for progress and success. With the right focus, tools, and support, you can keep your New Year's resolutions and make this year the best year for your career.

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