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Does your opinion count when it's anonymous?

Find out if anonymous surveys actually benefit you.

Anonymous survey apps let companies gain insights into their employees’ opinions, according to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal. The purpose of any survey to an organization is to learn what its employees do and don’t like and how they think their work experience could be improved. Using anonymous surveys might encourage more honest expression of needs and thoughts on how the work environment could be changed and how any task-related or management processes could be improved.

To the employees facing those issues, it’s frustrating. You think "Why won’t my boss listen to what I have to say?" or "What if they don’t like hearing that the printer has been broken for three days--again?" Of course they don’t like hearing it, but you still have to say something! Anonymous surveys can be a safe way for employees to express those frustrations. Employees can bring about the best kind of change since they’re the ones doing a lot of the work! They see when equipment breaks or when a manager isn’t performing to the best of their abilities, and if a company is told this and ignores it, then there is no incentive to say anything in the future.

On a lighter note, surveys could cover topics like best vacation plan, ideas for equipping or repurposing the break room, or local or company events. These topics can brighten someone’s day or relieve the pressure of taking serious surveys all the time (especially if you consider the ridiculous amounts of surveys that everyone is trying to get you to take).

Why this actually matters: If companies choose to invest their time and money into hearing what their employees have to say, it’s vital that they act on the results. Giving employees the freedom to speak openly is priceless, and anonymous surveys could be a good way to encourage a better flow of ideas and communication between employees and management. Implementing those great ideas can make the organization better for everyone.

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