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Gear Up Your Home Office

Does your Dream Job have you in pajamas and slippers holding a favorite mug of home brewed coffee, with your dog sitting nearby? With the growth of telecommuting technology, that dream may just be attainable!

The ability to work and communicate using the internet (texting, emailing, instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.) makes it possible for individuals to work from home. What does this mean if you’re one of the lucky one who gets to telecommute? You can set your own hours, you don’t have to hassle with transportation, and you can work in your pajamas! But there are challenges.

One of the biggest challenges is setting up a workspace that’s as functional as a corporate office. At a minimum, your home office needs stable, high-speed internet and a computer that’s powerful and current enough to handle today’s professional software applications. It’s also a must that the computer has all the up-to-date software your work requires. And let’s not forget a good printer and easy access to a fax and scanner. Your workstation must let you focus on work without distraction, and it must be able to meet all your job requirements.

Once you have the proper equipment, it’s time to address financial issues, including access to credit, a bank account and a financial advisor. Use credit only for business-related expenses, like financing your office equipment. Then you can amortize the cost over several pay cycles. Keep your income in a separate, dedicated bank account. (This makes it much easier to calculate taxes.)

And don’t forget about marketing! Every contract comes to an end, and it is important for you to maintain a resume and have business cards. If possible, set up a website, where prospective clients can view samples of your work.

Working from home can be a fantastic alternative to a traditional work environment. And, for some individuals, it is a very comfortable fit – just like those flannel pajamas you’ll be working in.

In review:

  • Setting up a workspace is vital for you to be successful.

  • Buy the hardware and software you’ll need to get any job done:

  • Powerful work system

  • High speed internet

  • Printer/Scanner/Fax machine (with a dedicated fax number)

  • Install a dedicated phone system: If you need a land line, consider a VOIP phone service as a way to reduce costs. If you use a cell phone, make sure your greeting is professional. Remember, you will be receiving calls from clients on this phone.

  • Make sure the space is quiet and well lit.

  • Manage your finances with banking and accounting relationships.

What are your thoughts on working from home?

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