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Choosing Wisely in A World Full of Options

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When I was a child, watching television was not a big ordeal. We had six channels that clicked around in a circle attached to the front of the tv. And it wasn’t just tv. In general, life was simple, and options were few and far between. Fast forward to today -- so much has changed, it can make your head spin. There are more television networks, food options, types of vehicles, dating apps, technological gadgets and staffing agencies that make deciding on one practically impossible.

Let’s face it, we are overstimulated in a world with too many choices. It is hard to know what staffing agencies you should swipe right on and which you should bypass completely. This piece is meant to help you know the difference between a legitimate company, signs to watch out for, and how to spot the recruiters who have your best interest at heart, versus those who are only interested in meeting an internal quota.

I have been told by several friends in the job searching process currently, that there are a lot of strange scenarios one can encounter. For example, one company told my friend that they would help him find work for a small fee that he could pay monthly until he got a job. Another person told me about a company that seemed legitimate until she went to their website which was made by WordPress and their LinkedIn company page had all of three followers. Obviously, any business that makes you as the consumer pay for their service is not trustworthy and you should avoid at all costs. Another sign is if their online presence is not professional and lack references to speak to their value.

Compare job descriptions for similar positions from different agencies and understand that agencies are often competing to fill the same jobs. Look at the posted list of requirements and scrutinize them accordingly. If it is boilerplate, that is, cut and pasted from a generic job description, that may mean the agency is in a hurry to submit candidates and fill jobs, and not in building relationships. Observe job descriptions that list the requirements the other agencies left out, (e.g., tools, programming languages, hardware/ software). Don’t forget to ask about pay and benefits. There are a wide range of options here, and each agency is different, so look for an agency that meets your needs but is also thorough in their posting procedures.

An honest and reputable staffing agency is mainly concerned with the value of their relationships first and foremost. They care about the person behind the resume and therefore don’t see a number. They see a human being who they genuinely want to help. This is perhaps the biggest reason why I chose to join Paradigm Information Services as a Recruiter. Target a staffing agency that sees YOU and cares about your success above all else. Otherwise, you will feel even more discouraged in your job search and may become disenfranchised with the whole experience completely.

Find that recruiter who will be your advocate, communicate with you every step of the way, and coach you to finetune your resume and interviewing skills. They are out there. How do I know this? Because I am one of them and I work with others that maintain that same philosophy of thinking. One of the best and most incredible things about Paradigm is its ability to treat the applicant like a valuable commodity and it is one of the many reasons that we stand out from the others. Know your worth and strive to work with only those that see it. Life is short, choose wisely, and above all, don’t settle for any company that is not going to make you feel important in the process.


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