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Recruiting: Where People Come First

Find out why you may have missed out on the perfect job.

You’re on the longest job hunt of your career. You are just about to give up and move back into your parents’ basement when suddenly, you see it. The perfect job for which you are perfectly qualified. It’s such a great fit, you start to picture a business card with your name on it. You want this job. You need this job.

You spend an extra amount of time meticulously filling out this company’s online application. Type out your entire resume, no problem! Attach a PDF version too, okay, done. Submit. Wait for it...

An email hits your inbox! That was fast. It reads “Thank you for applying for THE PERFECT JOB. Unfortunately, your background is not a match for our requirements…”

Hold on, rejection? When you were perfect for the job… How can this be?

The answer isn’t pretty. Some companies are unable to keep up with the number of applicants applying for their open positions, so they rely on trackers they’ve embedded into their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to do the screening for them. Yes, even recruiters are being replaced by AI. These trackers screen out resumes based on keywords – no messy human interaction.

Data analytics, trackers, Internet applications. What does it all mean?

Bottom line. You missed out on the perfect job, and the company missed out on you – the perfect candidate.

Paradigm’s business is to put the human element back into recruiting. Companies that are too overwhelmed to find the perfect candidate come to us for help. It's our job to make sure the perfect candidate is matched with the perfect job, which is why we don’t rely on trackers to filter resumes. Instead, real life recruiters review your resume, and every other resume, that makes it through our virtual door.

With Paradigm’s personal touch, you won't need to worry about getting left out because of some missing keywords. Let your skills do the talking. View our open positions and complete our form to be notified of the latest job openings.

Interested in using our services to help find the perfect candidate for your open position? Visit to see how we can help you.


Want to love Mondays? It’s possible when you love what you do. Paradigm is a San Diego staffing agency dedicated to finding the perfect job for candidates like you. We’re connected with some of the most innovative tech companies around, giving our employees that competitive edge needed in today’s job market. We hope to hear from you today, and let's make your career goals happen.

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