Reckless Brewing Company—Dave Hyndman

November 29, 2016

 Mammas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys
Let ‘em be doctors and lawyers and such...*

Or let them be biologists. So they can brew unique craft beers, and open up a popular brewery in San Diego where all can come by and enjoy a few beers with names like More Cowbell, Poor Social Skills, and The Dude Abides Rye.

Undoubtedly, this is not the career path for most aspiring biologists. But this is the road taken by Dave Hyndman, founder of Reckless Brewing Company.

 Dave Hyndman, photo from

It was while working as a biologist in a lab that Dave began home brewing back in 1991. Dave grasped what most high school biology students fail to grasp: there is a “biology component to brewing.” (If students only understood this concept, biology class would be immensely more popular.)

Some people tinker with cookie recipes, and invite their friends to taste their wares. Dave’s friends, much to their delight, got to sample Dave’s home brewed libations and encouraged him to start a brewery. And the rest


Reckless Brewery beers, photo from 

Well, not so fast. It wasn’t quite that easy. “I joked, yeah I’m going to open up a brewery,” Dave recalls. “But I used to think it costs a fortune.”

Over time, Dave found a way to open a brewery without breaking the bank—or robbing one. “I realized it was possible to do it on kind of a shoestring.” Okay, maybe it was a Prada shoestring, but Dave got it done. And the brewery opened in 2012.


Unconcerned with the need to focus on a style for his beers and for his brewery, Dave opted for variety. “I just started out making a bunch of different kinds of beer, and realized I was particularly good at coming up with beer other people weren’t making. Inventing new styles for the most part.”

Although Dave might find himself in an argument with Heidi Klum, he sticks with the philosophy style isn’t everything. “I have a lot of beer that just doesn’t really categorize. But it’s still good and people love it. So that’s kind of the fun part, trying to come up with ideas and things so people come in and taste things that are different from anyplace else.”

Dave takes pride in these differences. “There are a lot of breweries doing what everyone else is doing. I try to be unique.”

Dave’s creative flair extends to the brewery itself. The ambience and the clientele is a big draw for Dave’s customers, and is a big part of Reckless Brewing’s success.


Reckless Brewery interior, from Yelp user Jack M. 

“I realize that the feel of the place is what attracts people, because you want to have people coming back. You want to have people hang out and drink beer with their friends. So having a comfortable place, a fun place where there’s kind of a relaxed attitude, and people come and you meet people.”

San Diegians know how to relax and have a good time, and there’s no place better than Reckless Brewing Company. So come on in, order a cold beer, and keep your eye out for Dave.

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