How to Build a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an opportunity for potential employers to validate you as a professional. When you apply for a job, employers are likely to google your name, and it is in your best interest to let them find something good about you. If nothing else, think of LinkedIn as a safety net. With its powerful SEO, your LinkedIn profile tends to be in the top three search results. This makes it easy for hiring managers to see that you’re a hard-working, knowledgeable, trustworthy professional. They never need to know you are sharing photos of kittens in costumes and getting into political arguments with your uncle on Facebook. How to make a strong LinkedIn profile Luckily, making and maintaining a Linke

Recruiting: Where People Come First

You’re on the longest job hunt of your career. You are just about to give up and move back into your parents’ basement when suddenly, you see it. The perfect job for which you are perfectly qualified. It’s such a great fit, you start to picture a business card with your name on it. You want this job. You need this job. You spend an extra amount of time meticulously filling out this company’s online application. Type out your entire resume, no problem! Attach a PDF version too, okay, done. Submit. Wait for it... An email hits your inbox! That was fast. It reads “Thank you for applying for THE PERFECT JOB. Unfortunately, your background is not a match for our requirements…” Hold on, rejection?


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