Differences Between Boomers and Millennials: It's All Good

So a boomer and a millennial get on an elevator. Oh, you’ve heard this one? But this isn’t a joke. This happens all the time. The most disparate of groups find themselves mingling with each other more and more, day in and day out. At the gym, at the market. And most commonly, in the workplace. With more and more boomers holding on to their jobs because they want to—or have to—there is ample opportunity for the two to interact. Of course, generation gaps have existed from time immemorial. (Isaac to Abraham: "You seriously want to do what to me? Look, if you don’t like the way I keep my room, we can discuss it.") But this isn’t a mere gap. What we have here are two groups of people that view l

The Dos and Don’ts of Phone Interviews

Nowadays it’s pretty common to have a phone interview before an in-person interview. Why? Employers like to get an initial feel for you, before committing the time and energy into a full-blown interview. They will likely have a few straightforward questions to make sure you meet their basic requirements. This usually happens with the hiring manager or a recruiter. Then, your potential manager, some execs, and possibly other team members will want to meet you face-to-face if, and only if, you fit the bill. Phone interviews are usually quick, and relatively painless, but there are a few things to remember before answering that call. Here are some basic dos and don’ts: DO: Answer with a smile


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