Get the Raise You Deserve with These 6 Tips

Most of us don’t work just for the fun of it. If you do, then well, that’s nice. But the rest of us want (and need) to get paid, and paid what we deserve. If you are due for a pay raise, don’t expect your company to just offer it up. You have to go after what you want, and here’s how you do it. Choose the Right Time The best time to ask for a raise is when you know that the company is profitable and growing. Don’t wait until you’re super fired up and storm into your boss’s office. Set up a good time to meet, when he or she isn’t busy, tired, stressed, or otherwise in a bad mood. Better yet, look for signs that he or she is in a totally blissed-out mood. You know your boss well enough to kno

9 Tips to Guarantee Your Resume Gets Read

Employers can receive over 200 resumes for one job posting—some are from qualified candidates, most are not. So how do they weed out the bad ones? How do you get your resume to the top of the stack, apart from writing, "Look at me! I am the candidate you want to hire!" on it? While this is tempting, it is not the right course of action. Here is what you should do instead. Tip 1: Contact info, first This may seem like a given to you—your resume is completely worthless without your contact information, after all. But make it easy on potential employers by putting your name, phone number and email address (no need to include a physical address these days) in big, bold font type, centered at th

10 Tips for Creating a Cover Letter That Rocks

There are two little words that inevitably make us all cringe: cover letter. This little document may seem cumbersome to write, but can definitely pack a punch when trying to land that dream job you’ve had your eye on. You may have thought, "What is the point of a cover letter; my resume says it all!" The point is: your cover letter is your very first opportunity to sell you—to go into more detail about who you are, and why you are after this particular job. In fact, many employers won’t even consider your resume without one. Here are our 11 tips for writing a stellar cover letter. Tip 1: Show your personality Many candidates make the mistake of being overly formal in their cover letters. Y


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