Make Career Goals Happen in 2016: Here’s How

Do you even remember the resolutions you made at the start of 2015? Did you manage to keep any of them? If you’re like 92% of us, you probably didn’t. As 2016 looms, don’t just make a list of resolutions that you end up throwing out before you’ve even recovered from your NYE hangover. Make goals; but also make a plan how you will achieve those goals and you’ll likely be more successful. Here are 6 ways to take action, and achieve your career goals in the New Year. Carve out some assessment time Consider where you are in your career, and whether it’s really where you want to be. Do you find yourself coming home and complaining to your roommate on a nightly basis? Do you feel like you’re not

Living in the Future: All You Need to Know About Augmented Reality

Imagine you’re in a dark Seattle bar. The bar top features a row of single malt Scotch whiskies that you’ve never seen before. There is a brand, Glenkinchie, which you’ve never heard of before. So you hold up your smartphone, or put on your "smartglasses," and with one click, you can instantly view text, images, graphics, GPS, and video relating to the Glenkinchie distillery, Scotch whiskey, Scotland, malt whiskey, and basically anything you could ever want to know related to the topic, right in front of your eyes. This is augmented reality, and this is our not-so-distant future. Augmented reality explained Augmented reality is all the buzz in the tech world these days, as the major players—


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