Snapfish Retains Paradigm After Change in Ownership

As you may have heard, District Photo recently purchased Snapfish from HP. Snapfish management had asked for Paradigm's support through this transition. The result is that Snapfish has retained all Paradigm employees who support the new organization and their product! Please join us in congratulating these associates while they continue their transition. "It speaks to the contributions that our associates make and the value that the Snapfish organization sees in Paradigm," said Claudia Griva, Paradigm Client Services Manager, of the continued partnership. This is a great affirmation of the service we provide and great news for our hardworking associates. If you want to read more about Distr

Setting up a Happy Office Space at Home

When people find out I work from home, their immediate reaction is to ask how I do it. They often say something along the lines of, "I wouldn’t be able to focus if I worked from home." This is a valid reaction. I can stay in my jammies all day, my cozy bed is just across the hall, and I have a large TV in the living room that gives me full access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and HBO GO. Yes, I will admit by working from home I am surrounded by temptation, but in all honesty, I have the same amount of focus working from home that I do in a physical office shared with others. It takes some self-discipline, sure, but for the most part I believe is has to do with establishing your work en

Preparing to Work from Home

My first day working from home went a little something like this: Job starts at 8:00 AM, so I set my alarm for 7:55 AM. That just gives me just enough time to get the coffee brewing and to turn on my computer. How awesome is that? No need to shower, dress, or hop in the car for a long, traffic-filled commute! Still in my pajamas, I park myself on the couch, check a few emails…what now? This is weird. I’m getting paid to be sitting on my computer at home, which is what I pretty much do in my free time anyway. Now I’m not really sure where to start. I could go on…but does this scenario sound familiar? Working from home is initially challenging because you need to make a mental shift from your


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