Tech Hubs Expand Across the Country

With the cost of living so high in some of the biggest technology centers, like San Francisco and Silicon Valley, some tech professionals are looking for work in different places. Lucky for them, some surprising new tech hubs have been cropping up across the country. This shift could help skilled tech professionals find jobs in new locations with lower cost (and perhaps a better standard) of living. For instance, according to this recent Forbes article, the city with the highest tech job growth is Austin, Texas. "Tech companies have expanded employment by 41% since 2001, and the number of STEM workers has risen by 17% over the same period," Forbes reports. While Austin isn’t new to the tech

Wells Fargo Insurance Services Delivers

Robust insurance options (medical, dental, life, etc.) at reasonable prices are benefits that significantly improve employee hiring, morale, and retention. Even before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), selecting and managing these benefits were time-consuming tasks. That’s why choosing the right insurance broker is so critical to business success, especially for organizations without dedicated human resources specialists. When Paradigm decided to expand its medical insurance options, we looked at several brokers before selecting Wells Fargo Insurance Services (WFIS). With employees in several states, Paradigm needed a firm that would make sure that each plan complies with each state’s standards


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