Smart Contractors Keep Their Skills Current

Dedication to self-improvement is important for any worker, but for a contractor, it’s vital. When you’re a contractor, your ongoing success depends on keeping your skills current. You probably don’t have anyone who can tell you which skills to develop next (or even which skills employers will be looking for over the next few years). As a contractor, it’s up to you to decide which skills to develop to meet your career goals! Trends in the workplace and technology are changing rapidly, so it’s essential that you stay informed about your fields and the industries you support. Question what tools or techniques people in your field are excited about and what changes they are tracking. Thinks in

Engage Your Readers with Infographics

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to get people to pay attention to anything for very long. Not only that, but social media innovations like character limits and photo streams have made people more accustomed to fast information consumption. It’s much easier to engage people with a bunch of pictures than with a bunch of words. The problem is, how do you strike the balance between visually interesting and content-rich media that’s also easy to understand? One of the answers is infographics! Infographics are visual media that convey facts and concepts via compelling images and minimal word usage. Take a look at some of the examples of infographics on this Hubspot article "6 Creative Ways to Make Cont

Gear Up Your Home Office

Does your Dream Job have you in pajamas and slippers holding a favorite mug of home brewed coffee, with your dog sitting nearby? With the growth of telecommuting technology, that dream may just be attainable! The ability to work and communicate using the internet (texting, emailing, instant messaging, video conferencing, etc.) makes it possible for individuals to work from home. What does this mean if you’re one of the lucky one who gets to telecommute? You can set your own hours, you don’t have to hassle with transportation, and you can work in your pajamas! But there are challenges. One of the biggest challenges is setting up a workspace that’s as functional as a corporate office. At a min

Roll Up Your Computer and Bring It Over Here

From the Telegraph of London, "LG unveils flexible screen that can be rolled into a tube just 3cm in diameter, paving the way for new types of portable devices with large displays and space-saving televisions." The potential is endless. Imagine computers that you can roll up and carry under your arm like a set of blueprints. Think of a display screen that is so thin that it can serve as a window, showing you sunny, nature scenes on a rainy day. The way we think of computers will change, and the way we use information will change too. -- Want to love Mondays? It’s possible when you love what you do. Paradigm is a San Diego staffing agency dedicated to finding the perfect job for candidates l


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